Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads Episode 251: Fat Swole

In this episode, ODG returns to discuss “Shazam!” and an ongoing conspiracy between strippers and their smelly patrons. Milky reminsces on the many wagers he made with God in his childhood.

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Dropping Loads Episode 131: Please, It’s Too Much

In this episode, Smokira Koryama reviews Pepsi Sakura, while SPJ reviews Batman x Superman: Dong of Justice with tons of SPOILERS. Pouch accidentally brings a Florida Dog article.

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Dropping Loads Episode 41: What About Matt Damon?

In this episode, Milky celebrates everything that is Matt Damon, while Maria rolls her eyes in jealousy. Maria is impressed with the erectile prowess of a senior citizen. Pouch and Milky continue discussing Batman/Superman/Man of Steel 2 news.

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Dropping Loads Episode 40: Don’t Fart in the Courthouse

In this episode, Pouch denounces a local mechanic, while Milky excoriates courthouse flatulence. Milky believes Americans were raised with no manners. Maria and Pouch exchange encounters with the homeless.

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