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Dropping Loads Episode 264: Massive Meat Mana

In this episode, ODG is enamored with New York style pizza and Will Smith movies. Pouch reminisces on his time at Blockbuster. Milky reveals just how much of a Spider-Man fanboy he is.

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Because there are so many DC TV shows, in order to get to all of them, ODG has to lump them all together in one review. ODG finished season 1 of Titans, the Arrowverse crossover Elseworlds, and the first three episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders.

► WATCH ODG’s review on Titans: […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 181: Dildobanging

In this episode, Gad returns and reminisces on his long friendship with ODG. They’re besties. Milky has a morbid idea for a movie. The guys go over some recent movie and DC news.

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