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Dropping Loads Episode 267: Okay… Last One

In this episode, Lionhearts shows off his encyclopedic knowledge of professional wrestlers’ personal lives. Pouch is Funaki’s #1 fan. Milky doesn’t know when to stop.

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Dropping Loads Episode 222: Elementary School New Jack

In this episode, the boys make plans to attend the Gathering of the Juggalos 2019. Gad fucks up our game. Lionheart thoroughly enjoys the idea of toddlers wrestling in a steel crib match.

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A Real Dorkie Hero is a fan of pro wrestling or rather sports entertainment. And because of that, people feel the urge to constantly remind him that it’s fake. He wants you quell that urge because your information will not stop him from watching. Let it go.

Sometimes, you look at […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 98: Shit in One

In this episode, SPJ returns to review Dorian Gray and pitch a new murder/mystery golf film entitled Sh!t in One. Pouch is reeling from the solo podcast from last week, while Milky adores the subject of Sh!t in One. The boys announce the date of the 100th episode […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 50: Satan Claws – 50th Episode Spectacular

In this episode, DLP celebrates the 50th episode by pulling a round robin episode, featuring three different semi-permanents switching off after each of their own special segments. Jon is fascinated by WWE’s brilliant marketing scheme to incorporate brawling Santas, Maria tells a tale of a food-worshipping family, while […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 3: The Celebrated History of Aggressive Finger-Pointing

In this episode, a new edition of “Get a Load of This,” we bring in old friends Brian and his brother Mark as guests with Nikki in the peanut gallery, Jon becomes the permanent-semi cast member in Eugene’s absence and provides a history lesson on a certain hand […]

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