Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads Episode 294: Back Balls

In this episode, Lionheart has returned to express his displeasure with toxic gamers, Rob Zombie, and Kid Rock. Pouch comes to terms with how much he dislikes Bill Cosby.

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Dropping Loads Episode 267: Okay… Last One

In this episode, Lionhearts shows off his encyclopedic knowledge of professional wrestlers’ personal lives. Pouch is Funaki’s #1 fan. Milky doesn’t know when to stop.

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Dropping Loads Episode 236: Circus Punk

In this episode, Lionheart returns to promote a brothel in Japan. Milky seriously considers watching Flavor of Love. It is revealed to Pouch that while in Japan, he had a nickname.

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A Real Dorkie Hero is a fan of pro wrestling or rather sports entertainment. And because of that, people feel the urge to constantly remind him that it’s fake. He wants you quell that urge because your information will not stop him from watching. Let it go.

Sometimes, you look at […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 196: Weed’s Only Good for You, Bro

In this episode, Ness returns to remember Tom Petty and Hugh Hefner. Milky and Ness can’t stop laughing at this Argentinian boy’s mishap with a dog toy squeaker.

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