Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads Episode 241: Three Nuts into the Arm

In this episode, SPJ treats the listeners to the Wallman Origins: Origins Story, a reboot prequel to the hit franchise surrounding the Dank Wall. Milky explains that he can no longer stomach Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Pouch brings the episode down with talks of death and grief.

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Dropping Loads Episode 117: Once Upon a Time Ago

In this episode, SPJ returns to pitch his new Science Fiction thriller, Pretzelmania 15: Vape at the Beach. Milky wants to talk soccer news so badly, while Pouch ignores him in favor of cat forehead perfume. #pretzelmaniayes

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Dropping Loads Episode 75: Hype Train Don’t Stop

In this episode, the boys conclude the reboot presequel trilogy of the SPJ epic. SP Jon pitches a new lucrative property known as Wallman, leaving Pouch and Milky in utter confusion. On a new edition of Semi-Plot, SP Jon reviews Jack Reacharound.

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