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Jeff Goldbum is one of those actors you know you love, but can’t figure out why. He makes some very strange choices in his acting, but somehow it always works. This week, Vest Guy count down the Top 5 Jeff Goldblum movies.

If we missed any movie that you guys thought […]

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Though Steven Seagal is a bit of a joke nowadays, there was a time where he actually made some decent movies. Wanna know which ones? Watch the guy with the nice vest count down his top 5 Steven Seagal movies.

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For some odd reason, Hollywood loves to remake movies. Unfortunately, most of them usually suck, but every now and then, some good ones slip through the cracks. This week, Vest Guy takes you down the very best movie remakes.

If we missed any movie that you guys thought should have been […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 187: Young, Dumb, or Full of Cum

In this episode, after an last minute cancellation, Pouch and Milky enlisted the help of Paco. Paco gets upset over a cost of a special bikini. Pouch and Milky discuss the rebranding of the YouTube channel.

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In the first episode of Vest Top 5, Vest guy takes us through the best Jackie Chan movies. Jackie Chan has had a long illustrious career expanding all the way back to the ’70s.

If we missed any movie that you guys thought should have been included in the list, please […]

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Time Machine?

Steve (Alan Caceres) finds a time machine at a nearby park. Now possessing the power to time travel, Steve attempts to show off his new toy to his best friend John (Sebastian Arias.) A task that turns out a lot more difficult than he could have ever expected.

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Dropping Loads Productions: DVD Load-Down #15 – Nightmare

Pouch here. Yeah, we’re late on this one, shit happens. We have lives too and although it’s mostly comprised of doing silly shit like this, there is other stuff that ends up getting in the way. This time, it was a lot of scheduling issues, more so than usual because […]

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Dropping Loads Productions: DVD Load-Down #5 – Today You Die

Pouch here. Today we have another DVD Load-Down for you guys and I’m sad to announce that it was a Steven Seagal movie. After episode 7, it was bound to happen. This time, we brought in a good friend of ours whom we call Vest Guy. The guy’s a bigger […]

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