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John Carpenter is one of the most prolific filmmakers in cinema history with such a diverse catalog full of iconic films. To celebrate Halloween (the holiday, and maybe the movie too), Vest Guy wants to focus on his horror movies, a genre that he pioneered. These are Vest Guy’s Top […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 108: Suh-in Good Good – Halloween Special

In this episode, the boys celebrate Halloween for the third time. Pouch and Paco mix it up a bit and switch up their segments. Paco brings in some grotesque news items for a Spooky edition of Get a Load of This, sure to make you gag. Her side […]

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Dropping Loads Productions: DVD Load-Down #2 – Netherbeast Incorporated

Pouch here. After the first DVD Load-Down and terribly disappointed we were with it after the fact, we made sure to make some changes.

1) Change the Angle: We were trying to display Goon screensavers on the monitor, but you can’t fucking see them.

2) Opening sketch! This is the first sketch […]

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