Dropping Loads

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After seeing the full trailer to Venom, A Real Dorkie Hero is eating a piece of humble pie. He’s issuing a semi-apology to Sony for jumping the gun after seeing their crappy teaser. A Real Dorkie Hero is happy with the way Venom looks…Tom Hardy is another story.

Check out A […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 122: Two-Way Impostor

In this episode, SPJ Googles stuff and talks about it on the podcast. Pouch and SPJ argue about the outcome in The Big Short. Milky pitches a new video for Dorst.

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Dropping Loads Episode 106: Ganjahorn

In this episode, SPJ returns to discuss his weeaboophobia. Milky makes a strong attempt to be politically correct. Pouch believes that flammable gas is a myth.

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Dropping Loads Episode 16: Notorious Knight Rises

In this episode, Nikki, Juan, and Mrs. Milky join in as the boys discuss the applications of the word “notorious” and curious sex-related crimes in another edition of “Get a Load of This.” Then, the boys rip apart The Dark Knight Rises in an extensive and spoilerific review. […]

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