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Though Vest Guy is more scared of E.T. than he is of horror movies, his favorite genre is horror. As a film buff, he admires the directors who work behind the camera to create an epic horror film. There are directors that he believes will be remembered for years to […]

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While 2017 was a very bad year in general, it seems like it was even worse in movies. A lot of terrible movies came out that left Vest Guy absolutely pissed off. Watch him rage about his 5 worst movies of 2017.

If we missed any movie that you guys thought […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 147: Decapitation Up in This Bitch

In this episode, Milky and Paco talk about being hooked on Netflix shows. Milky talks about an Illegal CIA project called Project MKUltra. Paco brings some movie-related Tacos.

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Dropping Loads Episode 113: Simply Not Pouch

In this episode, Pouch takes his first absence from the podcast, leaving Milky and Paco to run the show. The couple bicker about how Paco is both a punk kid and dramatic girl obsessed with death. Milky watches gay porn for the first time.

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Dropping Loads Episode 70: There’s No Other Way, but the Milky Way

In this episode, SP Jon returns to close out his epic trilogy with a bang. The boys trademark a user-friendlier version of ATM as well as the bootyhole bleachery. SPJ reviews Twilight and answers more questions for #askdlp.

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