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Dropping Loads Presents: The Don Francisco Promise Historia Teaser Audio Trailer

Dropping Loads Presents: The teaser audio trailer to the Don Francisco Promise Historia featuring SPJ.

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Dropping Loads Episode 146: Fiddysophical

In this episode, SPJ is renamed SPQ as he has become smitten with a male co-worker. Pouch updates everybody on working with SPJ as well as the We Out Instagram Guy. SPJ reviews Get Rich or Try Dying.

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Dropping Loads Episode 142: Queer Eye for the X-Men Guy

In this episode, SPJ returns and slightly teases on the Don Francisco Promise Historia. SPJ reviews the X-Men: Apocalypse joint, in which he explains the villain’s other occupation. Pouch decides to end the Florida Man segment.

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Dropping Loads Episode 127: Weed Exchange Rate

In this episode, Milky returns from his visit to the homeland only to be questioned about weed by SPJ and Pouch. SPJ reveals that he’s been working on #PretzelMania, while Pouch is more interested in introducing SPJ’s new character.

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