Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads Episode 87: Dropping Pure BS – The Brodown Part 1

In this episode, the boys are joined by Fred Dorst, BigBigDickSteve, and Devon from Pure BS Podcast and the BS Podcast Network to do battle in an epic crossover special. Find out who will triumph over the other with their knowledge of immature subjects.

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Dropping Loads Episode 58: International Dildo

In this episode, Paco recalls her awkward encounter with Eliza Dushku. Milky denounces 20th Century Fox’s Quicksilver and Michael Bay’s TMNT. Pouch grieves about their failed movie screening.

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Dropping Loads Episode 22: Depressed for the Holidays

In this episode, Milky and Pouch welcome Random Guy Serge to the Pre-Thanksgiving proceedings. The boys talk Hostess, Necrophilia, and sex toys, while Milky invalidates Pouch’s article as well as his arguments against Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Dropping Loads Episode 3: The Celebrated History of Aggressive Finger-Pointing

In this episode, a new edition of “Get a Load of This,” we bring in old friends Brian and his brother Mark as guests with Nikki in the peanut gallery, Jon becomes the permanent-semi cast member in Eugene’s absence and provides a history lesson on a certain hand […]

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