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Dropping Loads Episode 294: Back Balls

In this episode, Lionheart has returned to express his displeasure with toxic gamers, Rob Zombie, and Kid Rock. Pouch comes to terms with how much he dislikes Bill Cosby.

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The Halloween franchise has lasted nearly 40 years spanning 10 movies, with another one coming in 2018. In the spirit of the season, Vest Guy counts down the worst movies in the franchise.

If we missed any movie that you guys thought should have been included in the list, please leave […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 75: Hype Train Don’t Stop

In this episode, the boys conclude the reboot presequel trilogy of the SPJ epic. SP Jon pitches a new lucrative property known as Wallman, leaving Pouch and Milky in utter confusion. On a new edition of Semi-Plot, SP Jon reviews Jack Reacharound.

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DVD Load-Down #18 Halloween Special Part One: Rob Zombie’s The Devil Rejects

Pouch here. It’s been a rough weekend for me, but that obviously shouldn’t affect your weekend. I wouldn’t dare deprive you guys of DLP, especially the weekend before Halloween. We may not be going the same route of Droptober from last year, but we’ve got something special for you. It’s […]

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