Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads Episode 275: Are You Still Metal?

In this episode, after an extended hiatus, Metal Ness returns to explain how he faced down adversity and managed to kick its ass. Pouch dares to question his metalness. Milky believes Jews don’t like Christmas.

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Dropping Loads Episode 150: The ReVengeance

In this episode, Semi Permanents SPJ, Paco, and Ness take over the show to celebrate 150 episodes. In his travels, SPJ has become Detroit’s Most Wanted. Ness drinks a gallon of slurpee. Paco doesn’t understand SPJ.

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Dropping Loads Episode 129: Whose Titties These Be

In this episode, Ness went to an Iron Maiden concert and returns to tell the story, while we learn about Pouch’s ever-vigilant sphincter.

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