Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads Episode 135: You Need to Check Your Privates

In this episode, Random Guy Serge is back by popular demand and he declares he wants to go back to school. Pouch remembers when Milky asked him to check his genitals. The guys try to remember Prince.

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Dropping Loads Episode 130: Black People Can’t Time Travel

In this episode, the guys welcome back Random Guy Serge. RGS comes back to once again weigh in on raising children and how certain ethnicities can’t travel through time. Milky has something to say about homeschooled people.

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Dropping Loads Episode 126: Enhance the Experience

In this episode, Pouch welcomes back former Semi-Permanent, Random Guy Serge for a one-time return to the microphone. Pouch reminisces on RGS’s time with DLP and wonders if he would ever use a blow-up sex doll. RGS defends himself against allegations of hating everything.

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Dropping Loads Episode 64: Swag Refinement

In this episode, Pouch recounts a tale of tranny hookers and ensures that Semi-Permanent Jon is there when he’s not, while Random Guy Serge and Milky discuss the World Cup. Pouch and Milky talk about the 17-minute First Look of Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Dropping Loads Episode 55: Women Love Cheese

In this episode, Random Guy Serge attempts to decipher his own drunken scrawl. Milky defends Hot Pocket love, while Pouch cannot contain his excitement over the Batman: Arkham Knight announcement. Paco doesn’t like Swiss Cheese.

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