Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads Episode 221: Titties are a Drug

In this introspective episode, Metal Ness returns after a prolonged absence. After some soul searching, he’s ready to tell the boys what he plans to do with his life next. Pouch can’t keep up with Milky and Ness’s sense of humor.

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Dropping Loads Episode 42: STF

In this episode, Eugene joins Pouch and Milky for the first time in months to tackle HARD-hitting news. Pouch tells us all about what Miley Cyrus did over her weekend. Milky recalls a story in which he was tricked into helping someone move.

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Dropping Loads Episode 38: I Live Bicuriously

In this episode, Jon has beef with his Internet service provider. Pouch is put in a situation that stumps him. Milky has an encounter with the homeless, while Jon and Milky deconstruct Pouch in an impromptu therapy session.

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