Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads Episode 292: I Love the Power Glove

In this episode, Milky and Pouch are left without a Semi-Permanent to carry them. Milky defends his place of work and Pouch extols the Fred Savage masterpiece, The Wizard.

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Dropping Loads Episode 118: ‘Ello Govna

In the last episode 2015, Ness returns to give a very SPOILER-filled review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Ness and Milky pressure Pouch into doing an English accent, when Pouch just wants to review the year. Thanks for listening this year.

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Dropping Loads Episode 86: Bleep Bleep Bloop

In this episode, Ness returns to recount his Record Store Day adventure. Milky hates the Florida Man segment. Pouch gets too excited for the Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice teaser trailer, while Ness has a religious experience with the new Star Wars: Force Awakens teaser trailer.

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Dropping Loads Episode 84: I Don’t Bleed from my Ass

In this episode, SPJ professes his love for Mia Khalifa and intends to start a cuddling business to end all cuddling businesses. Milky is invested in the idea of the Teenage Mutant Maxi Pad Turtles. Pouch is unsure if April Fool’s Day has affected the news.

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Dropping Loads Episode 82: ┬┐Donde esta el Metal, Pouch? Featuring Mia Khalifa

In this episode, newly promoted Semi-Permanent, Ness returns to introduce his new Metal Ness segment focusing on news in the Metal world. The boys welcome Pornhub sensation Mia Khalif to talk about her early life, her career, and her favorite movies.

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Dropping Loads Episode 80: Space Racists

In this episode, the boys welcome their friend Ness, an editor at Bang┬áBros. Ness implores you to pay for porn as well as defends JJ Abrams’ vision of Star Wars. Pouch really wants to meet a kangaroo. Milky discovers his origins in a new documentary.

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