Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads Episode 179: My Name is Kiiiiid

In this very special episode, prompted by the previous Metal Ness, Ness returns and the guys reflect on better times and list musicians they listened to when they simply didn’t know better. This is part one of a two-part epic.

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Dropping Loads Episode 154: Ness has a Hangover

In this episode, Ness nurses a hangover after drinking beer for¬†hours. Pouch is afraid of being watched. In Ness’s condition, Pouch steps in with metal news.

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Dropping Loads Episode 81: I Get to Dis Pimpin’ When Dis Pimpin’ is Ready

In this episode, SPJ returns and shares his dream of being a voice model and new voice of Siri. Milky wants to help SPJ achieve his dream. SPJ continues preaching the pimp by reviewing the Citizen Kane of pimp movies,¬†Boss’n Up in the newest Semi-Plot.

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