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Dropping Loads Episode 297: Fatstyle Change

In this episode, ODG returns to talk about all the positive changes he’s made in his life since quarantine began. He also auditions for the roles of Batman and the Joker to the hottest casting directors in town, Milky and Pouch. 

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Dropping Loads Episode 273: We’re Gonna Get Edgy Now

In this episode, Pouch and Milky have an intense, spoiler-filled discussion about Joker. SPJ believes Valentine’s Day in 2020 will mark the end of love. 

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As a big comic book fan and devout Batman fan, ODG was apprehensive about Todd Phillips’ Joker. With so many reservations riding on this movie, ODG walked back into Gotham with trepidation to review Joker. BEWARE OF SPOILERS!

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Bet you didn’t know that ODG was a snowflakey liberal. While he does lean towards the left, there some things ODG just feels like people take a little too far. In this case, it’s censorship of art, most notably, the recent controversy surrounding Joker. It’s an issue that has moved […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 269: Too Much Pouch

In this episode, Pouch further pollutes the airwaves with another solo episode. He attempts to describes the majesty of Salt Lake City, Utah. The comic book fanboy in him comes out to review Joker.

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Dropping Loads Episode 264: Massive Meat Mana

In this episode, ODG is enamored with New York style pizza and Will Smith movies. Pouch reminisces on his time at Blockbuster. Milky reveals just how much of a Spider-Man fanboy he is.

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Dropping Loads Episode 209: Africa Being Cool

In this episode, the boys return from a long hiatus. Milky becomes obsessed with a The Room soundboard. SPJ simplifies Black Panther to “Africa being cool.”

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ODG is a product of the ’90s, what some would say was the golden age of cartoons. Time to put on your nostalgia-tinted beer goggles to the past and watch ODG’s top 10 cartoons of the ’90s.

The Ol’ Drunken Geek is who he is. He loves to get drunk and […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 16: Notorious Knight Rises

In this episode, Nikki, Juan, and Mrs. Milky join in as the boys discuss the applications of the word “notorious” and curious sex-related crimes in another edition of “Get a Load of This.” Then, the boys rip apart The Dark Knight Rises in an extensive and spoilerific review. […]

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