Dropping Loads

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Though Vest Guy is more scared of E.T. than he is of horror movies, his favorite genre is horror. As a film buff, he admires the directors who work behind the camera to create an epic horror film. There are directors that he believes will be remembered for years to […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 202: Elephant’s Nostril

In this episode, the two biggest besties, Gad and the ODG appear on this week’s episode to review the Justice League live-action movie. And ODG grosses Gad out, while Pouch and Milky laugh hysterically.

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Dropping Loads Episode 184: I Dunno No Damn Martian

In this episode, Gad returns to discuss and review Wonder Woman. (Beware of Spoilers!). Milky rants about the use of learning Klingon. The guys have a thorough discussion about Michael Cera.

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