Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads Episode 196: Weed’s Only Good for You, Bro

In this episode, Ness returns to remember Tom Petty and Hugh Hefner. Milky and Ness can’t stop laughing at this Argentinian boy’s mishap with a dog toy squeaker.

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Dropping Loads Episode 195: SS Lil Yachty

In this episode, SPJ returns and wants to ask a poltergeist about Tupac. Milky and SPJ cast a brand new version of IT where Snoop Dogg plays Pennywise.

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Dropping Loads Episode 194: Entirely Pouch

In this episode, Pouch decides to curse the listeners with another solo episode while Paco and Milky are in Peru and before Hurricane Irma blows him away or drowns him. Just before that happens, he serves some fajitas.

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