Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads Episode 224: Baby Oil

In this episode, the B team discusses the latest movie trailers released at San Diego Comic-Con. Gad doesn’t believe in vagina beer. Milky tells them boys a baby oil fable.

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In the second episode of the travel vlog, we actually got to see parts of Tokyo. We experience our first beautiful shrine and a breathtaking view… all before seeing some of the trippiest shit we’ve ever seen. Also, watch as Eugene fights to win a stuffed bunny.

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Dropping Loads Episode 134: Why is Corey Feldman Hugging Me?

In this episode, Paco returns to describe her experience at yet another convention. Pouch questions the value of a sober Paco. Milky is labelled “Mr. Charmer.”

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Dropping Loads Episode 62: Massive Dump

In this episode, Paco brings tales of drunken mishaps, one of which Pouch utterly dismisses. Milky is embarrassed with his encounter with John Carpenter. Pouch brings some more Loads of FUN, while Paco returns with some tasty Tacos.

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