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Dropping Loads Episode 35: Illegal Chicken Tunnels

In this episode. Eugene heads up a conversation about the implications of smuggling fried chicken, Jon dubs climate change the biggest pimp and gives impromptu reviews on Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness. Then, the boys ponder about Xbox One and Silly Billy Gates. WARNING: IRON […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 28: Anti-Cock

In this episode, Milky, Eugene, and Pouch lament the loss of a great podcast and pour over details from that lost episode. Milky shifts focus and the boys begin discussing fried chicken at great length. Eugene finally lays to rest a question plaguing mankind for decades: Popeyes or […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 19: Bling Bling

In this episode, Milky rants on the decline of western civilization after Snooki is allowed to spawn and shows us the extent of his rapping skills. The boys talk extensively on music while Pouch shares a story about a romantic outing to see Air Supply with his mom.

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Dropping Loads Productions: Chicken Intervention

Hey, guys. It’s Pouch. I’m here today with a brand new sketch! Overall, our approach to anything we’ve done here thus far is to try to have as much fun as a possible. And we do. Every sketch has been insanely fun. But this newest one is probably the most […]

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