Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads Episode 266: I’m Not Scared of No Ghost

In this episode, Milky and Pouch carry on once more without a Semi-Permanent. Milky defends his best friend, Ming Chen. Pouch attends a Bachelor party in what he thinks is a haunted cabin in the woods.

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Dropping Loads Episode 81: I Get to Dis Pimpin’ When Dis Pimpin’ is Ready

In this episode, SPJ returns and shares his dream of being a voice model and new voice of Siri. Milky wants to help SPJ achieve his dream. SPJ continues preaching the pimp by reviewing the Citizen Kane of pimp movies,┬áBoss’n Up in the newest Semi-Plot.

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Dropping Loads Episode 78: I Don’t Like Tentacle Porn

In this episode, after a three month hiatus, Paco is welcomed back, in which she shares a story of nearly stabbing a South Beach douchebag. Pouch denies any involvement with tentacles. Milky is committed to the story of Winnie the Puto, the psychopath of The Hundred Acre Wood.

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