Dropping Loads

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Time Machine?

Steve (Alan Caceres) finds a time machine at a nearby park. Now possessing the power to time travel, Steve attempts to show off his new toy to his best friend John (Sebastian Arias.) A task that turns out a lot more difficult than he could have ever expected.

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Dropping Loads Episode 76: HXC Featuring El Movie Master

In this episode, the DLP boys close out 2014 with a good friend and collaborator, El Movie Master, aka Vest Guy. Milky and El Movie Master duel with their bad impressions. The boys play a new game for Loads of FUN featuring quotes from Canada’s sweetheart, Jim Carrey.

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Dropping Loads Productions: DVD Load-Down #5 – Today You Die

Pouch here. Today we have another DVD Load-Down for you guys and I’m sad to announce that it was a Steven Seagal movie. After episode 7, it was bound to happen. This time, we brought in a good friend of ours whom we call Vest Guy. The guy’s a bigger […]

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