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Dropping Loads Episode 229: Off to Texas

In this episode, Gad (aka Benjamin Sandal) prepares for his move to Texas. Lionheart brings the last edition of the “Wrestler or Not a Wrestler” game. Milky watches The Predator.

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Dropping Loads Episode 214: Hard Journalistic Questions

In this episode, Gad and Dropping Loads virgin, Lionheart, join Milky to attempt to talk about Deadpool 2. Milky is a Japan nerd and brings a Japan-related game for the boys to play. Lionheart brings some hard questions that Gad doesn’t want to¬†answer.

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Though Steven Seagal is a bit of a joke nowadays, there was a time where he actually made some decent movies. Wanna know which ones? Watch the guy with the nice vest count down his top 5 Steven Seagal movies.

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Dropping Loads Episode 151: Pulling Back the Curtains

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Dropping Episode 0 of Dropping Loads

In episode 0 of Dropping Loads, we figure out the name of the podcast, the possible genre and content, Tyler Perry, Eugene’s drunken adventures, Dave’s boring storytelling, and extensively discuss Sabado Gigante and Don Francisco.

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