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Dropping Loads Presents: The Don Francisco Promise Historia

From the revered Super Pimp and honored practitioner, Semi-Permanent Jon discovers the ancient runes from which he translates the scholarly text that make up the history of the Don Francisco Promise. Become learned in the blessed Historia of the Don Francisco Promise as we journey from primordial beginnings to modern times. This is a work […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 85: I’m Gangsta Without Being Gangsta

In this episode, SPJ answers more #askdlp and reviews another movie for Semi-Plot. Pouch shares a story in which he feels he is Batman, while Milky refuses to acknowledge his Batman-ness.

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Dropping Loads Episode 65: Pimp Daddy Longlegs

In this episode, SP Jon returns to inform us of the Don Francisco Promise and his rule over the Twitter game. Milky is upset about the police’s questionable attempt at gathering evidence, while Pouch explains the rules regarding a poster giveaway.

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The OFFICIAL first episode of your soon to be FAVORITE podcast is here!!!!

In this episode, we talk about what weird things we have put on our private areas and Dave attempts to review “Ghost Rider 2: The Spirit of Vengeance” and tells us about his weird church experience. You can also expect more of Dave’s awesome and enthusiastic stories.

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