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Dropping Loads Episode 219: ∞ Pu$$y

In this episode, Milky was hotly anticipating SPJ’s return, both admitting who their favorite SP is. SPJ wants to start an ASMR podcast. The guys push Pouch to do a Perma-Plot on The Incripdables 2.

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Vest Guy feels a little whimsical and acts on it by getting involved with a monstrous corporation. He counts down the Top 5 Disney animated movies, excluding Pixar.

If we missed any movie that you guys thought should have been included in the list, please leave a comment down below.

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In a historic move that will surely shake up Hollywood, Disney purchased 20th Century Fox, another major movie studio. Being that it has some implications in the geek world, Dorkie asks these con-goers their thoughts.

What the Con? is a future Pulitzer Prize-winning show that explores the inner workings of anime/comic […]

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Recently, in a historic move, Disney purchased the movie studio known as 20th Century Fox. For geeks, it means that Marvel re-acquires some of their most important properties, such as X-Men and Fantastic Four. ODG, however, is unhappy about it. Listen to why he thinks it’s a bad idea.

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Dropping Loads Episode 126: Enhance the Experience

In this episode, Pouch welcomes back former Semi-Permanent, Random Guy Serge for a one-time return to the microphone. Pouch reminisces on RGS’s time with DLP and wonders if he would ever use a blow-up sex doll. RGS defends himself against allegations of hating everything.

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Dropping Loads Episode 116: Milky/Pouch Experiment

In this episode, Milky and Pouch attempt to host the pod together with no Semi-Permanent. They found little success. Pouch complains about the sudden influx of Snape Haters, while Milky edits gay porn and makes gay jokes.

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Dropping Loads Episode 102: Straight Outta Dongguan

In this episode, Ness returns and reviews the dreaded Babymetal. Milky continues to hate the Florida Man. Pouch is excited for the upcoming Star Wars theme park. The boys eulogize a lot of people.

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Dropping Loads Episode 21: Anything Goes in the Graveyard

In this episode, the Bitches and Maria sit in to discuss when breasts are too big, the sculpting of genitals on tombstones, and Pouch’s wild night out. The DLP boys ponder the many uses of feces. Also, Pouch professes his admiration for a teenage idiot.

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