Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads Episode 288: Mangry

In this episode, Milky takes up an instrument under quarantine. SPJ faces death a few times while out in the wild. Pouch refuses to engage in a prank, bro.

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Dropping Loads Episode 287: Prostitution Penis

In this episode, Pouch reveals that someone may have a crush on Milky. SPJ and Milky discover that Pouch may be infected with 15G.

Pouch here. We definitely are running out of things to talk about weekly… now that we’re not really doing […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 286: How to be a Space Drug Dealer

In this episode, Milky and Pouch coincidentally both have an automobile accident on the same day. SPJ defends his honor against those accusing him of watching anime.

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Dropping Loads Episode 285: Dick-Shaped Chicken Nugget

In this episode, Pouch makes chicken nuggets at home. Milky expresses his hatred for amusement park turkey legs and expresses his love for the movie Pumpkin.

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Dropping Loads Episode 284 – Snackadactyl

In this episode, SPJ peruses Steam’s exhaustive library of pornographic video games. Milky’s quarantine life consists of working and eating.

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Dropping Loads Episode 283: Randomizer

In this episode, Milky returns talk about his life in quarantine and debunk exaggerated claims of SPJ’s illicit¬†activities. Pouch spoils Tiger King.

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Dropping Loads Episode 282: SPJ is an Outlaw

In this quarantined episode, SPJ and Pouch catch up on their activities in isolation. SPJ has become an outlaw after moving into Milky Way Studios. Pouch is not adjusting well to working from home.

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