Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads Episode 198: Nut Ball – Halloween Special

In this episode, Paco is suffering from the shakes, but still returns to celebrate Halloween with the boys. Pouch and Milky can’t stop laughing at the way Paco talks. Paco couldn’t handle recording this episode.

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Dropping Loads Episode 193: Vagina Installation

In this episode, Paco promotes the use of the word “Lit.” Pouch brings what Paco deems is the most depressing story she’s ever heard.

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Dropping Loads Episode 100: Jitney from Space

In the episode, DLP turns 100 with a special live-streamed episode featuring all three Semi-Permanents. Paco serves up some Tacos, Ness talks metal old and new, and SPJ presses the Urban SAP button in Semi-Plot. Milky just wants to see an upside-down Asian.

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