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ODG is a product of the ’90s, what some would say was the golden age of cartoons. Time to put on your nostalgia-tinted beer goggles to the past and watch ODG’s top 10 cartoons of the ’90s.

The Ol’ Drunken Geek is who he is. He loves to get drunk and […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 55: Women Love Cheese

In this episode, Random Guy Serge attempts to decipher his own drunken scrawl. Milky defends Hot Pocket love, while Pouch cannot contain his excitement over the¬†Batman: Arkham Knight¬†announcement. Paco doesn’t like Swiss Cheese.

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Dropping Loads Episode 41: What About Matt Damon?

In this episode, Milky celebrates everything that is Matt Damon, while Maria rolls her eyes in jealousy. Maria is impressed with the erectile prowess of a senior citizen. Pouch and Milky continue discussing Batman/Superman/Man of Steel 2 news.

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Dropping Loads Episode 29: Pimp Pope

In this episode, the DLP crew celebrate Batman as well as their inclusion into the 76th Street Network. Milky and Maria swap tales of roach encounters, while Pouch lectures on about the Pope and the Buddha.

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Dropping Loads Episode 23: Can’t Hashtag "Hashtag"

In this episode, the boys find out that Bigfoot is related to humans and that even old dogs can accomplish more than Maria and Nikki. A debate sparks about who is the more attractive of the two leads of Supernatural, while the boys discover that Milky wouldn’t mind […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 16: Notorious Knight Rises

In this episode, Nikki, Juan, and Mrs. Milky join in as the boys discuss the applications of the word “notorious” and curious sex-related crimes in another edition of “Get a Load of This.” Then, the boys rip apart The Dark Knight Rises in an extensive and spoilerific review. […]

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