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Dropping Loads Episode 61: Bay-Hem

In this episode, the boys clamor for sponsorship as they begin plugging advertisements for everything they love. Jon disapproves of Pouch’s reckless jaywalking. Milky explains the importance of Landon Donovan to Pouch. The boys lament the loss of Edgar Wright from Marvel’s Ant-Man.

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Dropping Loads Episode 60: BabaFumay

In this episode, Dorkie breaks his podcasting cherry to discuss the purpose of the handlebar located in the public restroom. Pouch introduces a brand new game for Loads of FUN. Milky aims to transform himself for the urban population. The boys discuss the new Batsuit and Justice League.

Desiring […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 53: Level Up

In this episode of the award-winning Dropping Loads podcast, the boys revel in being named the Best Podcast of 2013 at RadioFubar. Paco refuses to believe that Milky can get drunk. Milky regrets a prank from his childhood. Pouch defends Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor.

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Dropping Loads Episode 52: Workin’ Hard or Hardly Workin’

In this episode, Random Guy Serge must diversify the podcast. Pouch spreads the yospel of the Yurch of Yeezianity, while Milky declares himself a Ye’Ciple. The boy discuss the latest rumors surrounding Batman vs. Superman ad nauseam.

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Dropping Loads Episode 51: Whirlpool of Hunger

In this episode, Pouch professes his hatred towards Bamboo and spins a tale of almost certain death. Milky can’t quite accept new and expensive way of putting to your loved ones to rest. Paco is hungry

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Dropping Loads Episode 41: What About Matt Damon?

In this episode, Milky celebrates everything that is Matt Damon, while Maria rolls her eyes in jealousy. Maria is impressed with the erectile prowess of a senior citizen. Pouch and Milky continue discussing Batman/Superman/Man of Steel 2 news.

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Dropping Loads Episode 40: Don’t Fart in the Courthouse

In this episode, Pouch denounces a local mechanic, while Milky excoriates courthouse flatulence. Milky believes Americans were raised with no manners. Maria and Pouch exchange encounters with the homeless.

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