Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads Episode 179: My Name is Kiiiiid

In this very special episode, prompted by the previous Metal Ness, Ness returns and the guys reflect on better times and list musicians they listened to when they simply didn’t know better. This is part one of a two-part epic.

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Dropping Loads Episode 169: Sweet Meat

In this episode, SPJ returns to preach the brilliance of Baller Blockin and review Chode One. Pouch is weirded out by a co-worker. Milky thinks that Fred Dorst is a snitch.

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Dropping Loads Episode 150: The ReVengeance

In this episode, Semi Permanents SPJ, Paco, and Ness take over the show to celebrate 150 episodes. In his travels, SPJ has become Detroit’s Most Wanted. Ness drinks a gallon of slurpee. Paco doesn’t understand SPJ.

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Dropping Loads Episode 149: Widespread Panic Swag

In this episode, SPJ makes an unexpected return and brings with him good and bad news. Milky is obsessed with the cinematic masterpiece known as Baller Blockin’. Pouch brings some fajitas. This episode is dedicated to Daisy, SPJ’s beloved dog.

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