Dropping Loads

Episode 2: More Dicks Than A Sausage Market

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In this episode, we bring in special guest Jon to weigh in on the unfortunate changes to the cast of The Walking Dead as well as performs a great rendition of a Dexter episode, new segments of “Get a Load of This” and “Loads of FUN,” and a surprise guest  – Milky’s cousin Alejandro – joins us to recount some tales of his own dropped loads.

Hey, guys. Ponch here with the Episode 2 of your favorite podcast! Yeah, while recording this one, I couldn’t wait to get this one out as soon as we could. We had one helluva time recording this one with two special guests coming and completely throwing the recording into fucking chaos. I just hope the fun we had recording translates over for when you guys listen to it. Intro/outro theme: Love Pigs by Evil Cowards
Get a Load of This


Loads of FUN:
The Price is Milky


The Accommodator


Strap on dildo that attaches to the head and protrudes from the chin. Makes the ultimate oral sex stimulator. (5.5 X 1.5 inches)


 Flower Tucci Cyberskin Squirting Pussy
Molded Directly from Adult Squirt Queen Flower Tucci. CyberSkin pussy is soft on the outside, but firm on the inside. Hand painted detail. Molded with hand on her pussy; you can see her flesh between her fingers. Tight pussy lips and smooth love tunnel. Place the bulb inside the hole and push down on hip to make piece squirt. Small, easy to store away, but feels like a real woman. Has a flat back for table top pounding. Bulb can be filled with water or the included Flower Tucci Squirt Juice. Waterproof.


Mr Jack with Mustache

Vibrating mouth with a mustache. Perfect for when you need a little Jack off. His softly noduled throat will send you into overdrive. The mustache will make you remember that he’s a guy, and that he craves your juicy cock down his

Doc Johnson Belladonna’s Foot Soldiers

Now you too can have your own set of Belladonna’s exquisite feet to hold, fondle, love and caress. Live out your wildest fantasies with Belladonna. Made to astonishing details of Doc Johnson’s Realistic Rubber incorporating Sil-A-Gel – the world’s foremost Anti-Bacterial formulation that’s good for you and your toys. Each set contains one left foot, one right foot and a bottle of Belladonna’s special lubricant.


Head O State

You love your president, let him love you back! it stands at 7 1/2 inches tall and nearly 2 inches in diameter. Made in the USA. weighs aprox. 14oz.

Feeling blue? have Obama come to you!
Everybody knows politics is a contact sport.
Lost your 401k? Get Obama today!


Shit We Mentioned:

When Doves Cry – Prince

Evan Stone


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