Dropping Loads

DVD Load-Down #19 Halloween Special Part Two: The Killer Shrews

Your faithful Pouch here. Today marks the second Halloween since we started DLP and though it’s not particularly special to me, it is to everybody else at DLP. All two of them. However, for me, it’s a good excuse to do something special for the occasion. Last year, Droptober was Milky’s brainchild. This year, most of us were busy with our lives, so we couldn’t quite accomplish the insurmountable task of replicating Droptober in its entirety, so we opted for a two-part Halloween special. This time, it was conceived almost entirely by Maria, aka Paco, utilizing a bunch of inside jokes that only our viewers would know… Is it really plural? Let’s be safe and say that it utilizes a bunch of inside jokes that our only viewer would know. Hey, guy. Thanks for sticking by us.

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