Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Productions: Out Like a Fleshlight

Pouch here and I’ve got a brand new sketch to share with you. This one… I want to say birthed from Milky taking a Robert Rodriguez approach to writing. He conceptualized a sketch idea based on what he possessed as opposed what he needed to obtain. In this case, it was a fleshlight. I believe it was originally a gag gift given to Eugene, but ended up floating around their group of friends, where it landed at Nikki’s for years before she moved out and realized she still had it in her possession. It’s current whereabouts is Milky Way Studios, where I’m assuming Milky got the idea. This was a two-day shoot and was pretty fun as we had a relatively large cast and crew in this one as you’ll see some new faces along as well as some familiar faces you haven’t seen in some time.

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