Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Productions: Mind Bend U Episode 3 – Flattops

Your ever-loving Pouch here. Don’t you love when we stay on schedule? I know you guys cannot live without us for too long. This one was 100% inspired by one of our favorite semi-permanents, Jon. It happened on a wonderful day where in which were gathered together for some celebration, of which I cannot recall. A basketball game was playing on the TV when Jon was suddenly stricken by the majestic flattop of Norris Cole. Never had Jon laid eyes on a such square-shaped head. He would proceed to ask anyone even remotely interested in sports, “What do you think the percentage of flattops is in the NBA?” Being that we couldn’t possibly come up with anything as absurd as that, we stole his idea and turned it into a Mind Bend U sketch.

Ain’t life grand?


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