Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Productions: Mind Bend U Episode 1 – Buffalo Wings

Pouch here. Annnnd we’re back from hiatus. Well, the videos are back from hiatus. The podcast are much easier to plan at the last minute, convene, record, edit, and release. Videos, as you can imagine, take more time to write, shoot, and edit. But as I’ve teased mercilessly in the past, we’ve been hard at work, conceptualizing and writing for this brand-new micro-series that we’re premiering today!

It’s an absurdist micro-series in the same vein as… everything Adult Swim. Personally, I took most inspiration from Robot Chicken in terms of short form absurd humor, though we’re obviously not nearly as clever as them and we’re not using recognizable (or copyrighted) stuff. Fuck it, it’s nothing like Robot Chicken, but it is weird. Now, the point of Mind Bend U is to attempt to teach something. That something may be very stupid and very wrong, but it’s mind-bending!


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