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Dropping Loads Productions: Father Knows Best

Pouch here. It looks like we’re finally back on a regular schedule. This week, we’ve got a brand new sketch entitled Father Knows Best. If you hadn’t noticed yet, a lot of the contributors here are of Asian descent, so we enjoy the occasional Asian stereotype joke. Tiger Balm being one of our more popular videos, we decided that it could be fun to revisit some Asian stereotypes again. To be fair, this idea came from my brother, who simply adores Asian stereotypes. Asian parents are known to be relatively distant to their children and not nearly as open as some other ethnic groups on such topics as sex… and I’m here to inform you that it’s true. Well, at least in the case of Nikki, Eugene, my brother and me. So he wondered aloud about how Asian parents would even begin to discuss the topic of sex with their children. The boys took that idea and added a hint of madness to it for our own amusement and Father Knows Best was born.

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