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Dropping Loads Productions: DVD Load-Down #6 – Last House on the Left

Pouch here. It’s October and that means that everybody is ready to get scared and we’re here to help you celebrate. Milky is a big fan of all things horror and really loves the festivities of a holiday that is so closely associated with the spooky stuff. Therefore, he set out to make this month special and to do that we’re making this month DROPTOBER! Get it? And with that, you’re getting FOUR DVD Load-Downs for each week of Droptober with us reviewing a horror movie from different eras starting from the 70’s. Attached to each DVD Load-Down, you’re getting a very special four-part sketch that will be sure to put you at the edge of your seat… if you haven’t already fallen from ecstasy from having read this news.

In this episode of DVD Load-Down, we’re getting into Wes Craven’s film debut and cult exploitation flick THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT!

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