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Dropping Loads Productions: DVD Load-Down #2 – Netherbeast Incorporated

Pouch here. After the first DVD Load-Down and terribly disappointed we were with it after the fact, we made sure to make some changes.

1) Change the Angle: We were trying to display Goon screensavers on the monitor, but you can’t fucking see them.

2) Opening sketch! This is the first sketch we’ve ever done and I loved the concept, written by the incomparable Milky. It’s an interesting little sketch in that we were trying to parody the movie that we were reviewing by parodying another movie set in an office.┬áLet’s see if you can recognize what movie we were referencing. Here’s a hint: I do a very bad impression of Gary Cole. Aside from my shitty acting, I’m pretty proud of it.

3) Shorten the damn review: This is self-explanatory. We resisted the urge to blather on as much as the last one.

So… here’s our second DVD Load-Down, where we review Netherbeast Incorporated, starring Steve Burns and Jason Mewes.


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