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Dropping Loads Productions: DVD Load-Down #15 – Nightmare

Pouch here. Yeah, we’re late on this one, shit happens. We have lives too and although it’s mostly comprised of doing silly shit like this, there is other stuff that ends up getting in the way. This time, it was a lot of scheduling issues, more so than usual because we had another successful collaboration with El Movie Master… You know? The guy who played Steven Seagal way back on Episode 5 of DVD Load-Down? Please make sure you give your proper props to Milky for editing this beast in a mad rush to get this out to you as quick as possible.

Check out El Movie Master on Youtube and the DVD Load-Down Episode 5: Today You Die:

This sketch was another situation where I brainstormed a premise and Milky supplied a fantastic punchline. I hope my acting doesn’t turn you off of this one. This week, it’s Nightmare.


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