Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Productions: DVD Load-Down #13 – Peter Jackson’s Meet the Feebles

Pouch here. Sorry for the lack of an opening sketch this time around, we had to rush this one out. Don’t bitch at Milky, the blame is all mine. I had the movie for about 2-3 weeks and with Megacon coming around, it slipped my mind entirely. For the most part, I had a busy week balancing work, editing that pod (which went up late), and then watching and reviewing the flick. Please forgive me, hopefully it won’t happen as often. Yes, I said as often, because I’m sure it’ll happen again. We have to watch the flicks first and then write the sketch, which often happens a day or two before we shoot.

Anyway, this week we have Peter Jackson’s Meet the Feebles. It’s a doozey.


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