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Dropping Loads Productions: DVD Load-Down #1 – Goon

Pouch here. At this point, if you guys are loyal listeners to the podcast… all 3 of you? You’d probably be wondering what the fuck is Dropping Loads Productions or what the fuck is DVD Load-Down. Well, let me explain.

Over the past couple months, we’ve been flirting with the idea of branching into visual media, meaning we were curious about shooting videos alongside recording the pod. At the same time, we were being commissioned by InfamousPlay.com to start a show of our own, as they needed some new material to fill up their YouTube channel. Apparently, that was the push we needed to get our asses in gear to shoot something. Milky and I are huge movie fans, so we had a desire to shoot a movie review show. Problem is that InfamousPlay already has a movie review show… so we decided on the next best thing, a DVD review show. That way, we’d still be able to review movies, albeit older movies. A nice little way around that stipulation, I think. So we picked a movie, watched the chosen movie, and sat down to record our very first DVD Load-Down. We hope to make it a series, but don’t expect it to be on any schedule as of yet.

We chose the movie Goon, starring Sean William Scott and Jay Baruchel.

Hope you enjoy it!


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