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Dropping Loads Productions: Cake Boy Strikes Again Episode 2 – The Anniversary

Your dutiful Pouch here. I’m coming at you with a brand new Cake Boy sketch. Though I didn’t quite receive the reception I was hoping for with the pilot episode, it’s likely they’d be an ongoing fixture at DLP as these shorts are quick and dirty, when done right. Which means, we can get these out to you with relative haste. This one, for instance, was written in a day and shot a week later, in just a matter of hours. With a three person cast and crew and 4 scenes to shoot, it was a pretty fun and easy day.

At the same time, it’s fun to think about how far we can go with this Cake Boy character. It’s even greater to note that I didn’t write this one. It’s a good feeling to know that that spawned from a joke that I heard and simply wouldn’t let is slowly becoming an entity and I’m not the only one that believes in it. After shooting the first and realizing the extent to which we can take this character and how much fun it’ll be in the process, Milky wrote the second one.


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