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Dropping Loads Productions: Butter Dance 2

Pouch here. Sooo, for practical reasons, we decided some time ago to start posting podcast eps every other week and instead push toward entertaining in a visual medium! Yes, we’ve officially started Dropping Loads Productions and have been filming various skits here and there, but for the Dropping Load Productions launch, we decided on Dave’s own interpretation of the Butter Dance. I fucking love it and I hope you do too. Everything just came together so much better than we’d hoped. You guys gotta give the props over to Milky for those mad editing skillz and Dr. Delicious for not having any dignity and falling so many times for the sake of ART!

Here you go:

We regret to inform that we had to take down this video. Sorry, guys. 

We should be back next week with a brand-spankin’ new episode of the pod.

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