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Dropping Loads Presents: The Don Francisco Promise Historia

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From the revered Super Pimp and honored practitioner, Semi-Permanent Jon discovers the ancient runes from which he translates the scholarly text that make up the history of the Don Francisco Promise. Become learned in the blessed Historia of the Don Francisco Promise as we journey from primordial beginnings to modern times. This is a work of factual fiction, orated by the great SPJ.

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Pouch here! We did it, guys! We finally did something we promised we would do. It’s here and it’s all thanks the efforts of SPJ himself. It’s probably the craziest shit that SPJ has ever spouted. I promise that you will at the very least find yourself scratching your head in confusion or picking your jaw up from the ground. Enjoy, guys! Thanks for listening all these years! And of course, Happy Birthday to the great Don Francisco!

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