Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 98: Shit in One

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In this episode, SPJ returns to review Dorian Gray and pitch a new murder/mystery golf film entitled Sh!t in One. Pouch is reeling from the solo podcast from last week, while Milky adores the subject of Sh!t in One. The boys announce the date of the 100th episode live stream.

Pouch here. Be thankful this episode came out on time, as I’ve been battling a sickness retrieved from Paco who, in turn, caught it from Milky. Also, I have to be thankful for all the great compliments I received from last week’s solo episode. For the most part, the verdict is in and I will likely do another solo podcast down the line if we are unable to get together for a recording session. Also, we announce the date of the 100th episode live stream. Intro/Outro: Kush James Featuring Casino Gwaup Shawty Boy – We Know.

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