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Dropping Loads Episode 93: Taco Fart

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In this episode, Paco returns to bring some new tasty Tacos and finds the hilarity in sporks. Milky seems intent on coining new terms to describe Paco’s Tacos, while Pouch refuses to believe in bed sheet ropes.

Pouch here. Yeah, there are some abrupt cuts in there, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t a good episode. Shit happens and sometimes things briefly fall apart. I promise you that nothing cut was really worth a listen. Episode 100 is just around the corner folks. Please don’t forget to email us at droppingloadspodcast@gmail.com or via Twitter with #dlpold #barelylegal96. Intro/Outro: Tonto’s Giant Nuts Featuring Johnny Depp and Bruce Witkin – Little Lion Man

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Inmate was Intending to Escape via Bed Sheet Ropes

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