Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 90: Strip Club Rolodex

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In this episode, Milky and Paco return from Orlando with tales of bad DJs and jello shots. Pouch suddenly enjoys Sweden and its wonderful people. Milky comes up with a new theme song for Paco’s Taco. Paco almost forgets a Taco and Pouch picks up the slack.

It’s true that our episodes come together at the last possible moment, but we really pulled it together last moment here. Another Semi-Permanent couldn’t come through and the Taco gathering had not yet commenced. It turned out much better than expected. Intro/Outro: The Divine Comedy – Sweden

Get a Load of This

Florida Man Wanted to be Tased, Runs Around Airport in Underwear
Florida Man Robs Bank by Taxi
Swedish Man Roars at Bear, Bear Gets Scared

Paco’s Taco

Florida Man Psycho Surgeon
Green Man Legend
Man Steals Corpses to Dress up as Dolls
Ex-Boyfriend Secretly Living in Girl’s House
Blanche Monnier
Serial Killer of the Day: Karl Denke

Shit We Mentioned

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