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Dropping Loads Episode 9: The Fresh Prince of Belle Glade

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In this episode, the boys bring in guest star Juan to fill the void left by Eugene, we gather around and listen to tales of the town of Belle Glade, discuss how some bald men won’t let go of the ponytail, and the many male admirers of the Dropping Loads boys.

Hey, guys. It’s Ponch… or should I just use the new nickname christened to me recently, Pouch? I think I’m going to start using Pouch more. Anyhow, this is episode motherfucking 9! That means we’ll officially be in the double digits soon enough. In the meantime, some pretty cool stuff coming your way. Look out for them. As usual, please check us on Facebook or Twitter, Email, and leave a review for us on iTunes. Intro/Outro Theme: “Yo Home to Bel Air” – DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

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